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Hourly Bookings

Escape the Elements, Perfect Your Swing: Golf Collective's Climate-Controlled Sanctuary for Tee-Off Anytime


30 mins: $25 
1 hour: $50
2 hours: $100
3 hours: $150

Know Before You Go

  • Golf Collective is an unmanned facility which means that the door is locked 24/7. It can take up to 20 minutes to generate and email you the PIN code for you to enter the facility. The PIN pad is to the left of the door. Click "Use PIN" at the bottom of the panel and then enter your PIN. 

  • All visitors must complete the liability wavier before using the facility. You can do that online with this link or by using the iPad at the entrance of the facility. 

  • Since the facility is unmanned you must be comfortable using the simulator on your own. The Trackman software is very user friendly, but no one will be on site to walk you through the system if you encounter issues. This document will walk you through how to turn on the projector and impact light along with how to use the major features in the Trackman system.

  • The facility is monitored 24/7 by security cameras in each bay and throughout the building. If you need help, call 656-400-4653.

  • Your time starts at the scheduled reservation time, regardless of if you are ready or not. We recommend looking at our courses or games list beforehand, so you are ready to play when your reservation starts.

  • Bookings are made by the bay, not by the number of players. Bays can accommodate up to four players each. Please make additional bookings for each bay needed. 

  • Golf Collective does not provide or rent golf clubs. You must bring your own clubs. Please ensure that they are clean before use as dirt can transfer from the club, to the ball, to the screen. 

  • Alcohol is not allowed in the facility. 

  • We prefer that you don’t wear your outdoor golf shoes. It tracks in dirt, sand, and tears up the turf. The artificial turf provides plenty of traction in everyday shoes. Any golf shoes that are worn must be the “spikeless” kind and must be clean of all debris. 

  • There is no age limit to play, but players under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

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