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Mastering the Art of the Short Game: Advancing Your Skills at Golf Collective Indoor Golf

A golf wedge placed next to a golf ball on a lush fairway, ready for a precise shot.

Golfers often hear the adage, "Drive for show, putt for dough," but perhaps a more nuanced version of this phrase would include the importance of a solid short game. Possessing a reliable and diverse short game, particularly chipping, is often the key to lowering scores and improving overall performance. Utilizing Trackman technology at Golf Collective, golfers can refine their short-game precision and club selection, while incorporating specific drills for consistent improvement. Here’s how:

Trackman and Your Short Game

Trackman technology provides golfers with precise, actionable data that can significantly enhance their understanding and execution of the short game. Here's what it brings to the table:

  1. Carry and Roll: Trackman's precise measurements of carry (how far the ball flies) and roll (how far the ball travels after landing) can help you understand how different clubs and different strikes affect the distance your ball travels.

  2. Launch Angle and Spin Rate: These metrics greatly influence the trajectory and behavior of the ball after it lands. A higher launch angle and spin rate can help the ball stop quicker on the green. Trackman can measure these parameters, allowing you to see how different shots and clubs influence them.

  3. Attack Angle and Club Path: These factors impact the quality of contact and the ball's flight direction. Understanding your tendencies can help you make better contact and improve your direction control.

What Affects Club Selection?

A host of factors influence club selection in the short game, including distance to the hole, lie of the ball, wind conditions, and the characteristics of the green. Trackman can help inform these decisions by providing accurate data on how far you hit each club with different swings, how much roll you get with each club, and how changes in your swing impact the ball's behavior.

Drills to Improve Your Short Game

Par 18 Drill: Choose 9 locations around the green, some closer, some farther away, some with easier lies, and some with more difficult locations. From each spot, try to chip the ball into the hole in two strokes or less. Keep track of your total strokes. The goal is to complete the drill in 18 strokes.

The Ladder Drill: Place several targets at varying distances from you. Try to land the ball on each target in order, starting with the closest and ending with the farthest. This drill can help improve your distance control and feel.

One Club Challenge: Take one club (like your 7-iron) and try to hit a variety of different chip shots with it: high, low, more spin, less spin, etc. This drill can help you learn how to manipulate your swing to achieve different results.

Bullseye Drill: Using Trackman, set a target distance and try to land your ball as close to that distance as possible. The immediate feedback from Trackman will let you know how well you're doing.

Trackman Tracy: Utilize Trackman Tracy at Golf Collective's indoor golf facility to refine your short iron and chipping skills. Leveraging virtual golf technology, it offers precise feedback, ensuring consistent improvement. Trackman Tracy uses the power of AI to give you a custom-tailored practice session to improve your short game.

Indoor Golf at Golf Collective

By honing your short-game skills with the help of Trackman at Golf Collective, you can elevate your scoring ability and lower your handicap. Remember, in golf, every stroke counts, and often, it's the short game that makes the most significant difference.

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